Being Unemployed and Wanting to Purchase a Car in Arlington Texas – New and Used Cars in Texas

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Something that we want to talk about is auto loans in Texas with unemployment. Its hard to save money when you don’t have a job. And to buy a car now you need to have a good savings or be able to borrow the money.


No matter if you want a new car or used car you will need to show employment to get the car loan for the car. Unless you can save up some cash and we mean $20,000 for a car or around $13,000 for a used car.


Not many dealers can help you out and with us to approve you have to make at least $1,800 a month and show employment.

Being employed for a car is best

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Bottom line to be approved for a car at any car dealer or any lender you need to have some kind of cash that is available to you. And all car dealerships in Arlington Texas look at your job history.


So what does that mean yes you may have a job but they want to see that you plan to stay at that job and don’t jump from job to job.

Car loan requirements in Arlington Texas


The main requirements for you to get a car loan match from are:


  • Drivers license
  • Income of $1,800 or more
  • A job for at least 3 months
  • US residents



If you meet the requirements you have a good shot at being approved. We have one of the best approval ratings of 96% in the Arlington Texas area for used cars and even new cars.


But we can’t stress how important a job is to getting a car loan from any car dealer near you it’s the most important part of the process.


What we can do for you is match you with the best option for you to get approved with your income and credit. There are thousands of used car dealers in Arlington that have cars in their inventory everyday.


It just takes some time to find the right place to be approved and we can help with that process. Auto financing is what we focus on for all of Texas so you have the best shot to a loan.


Down payment auto financing in  Arlington Texas


One thing we want you to have in mind is that you need a down payment doesn’t matter the amount because car dealers will work with it but the more you have the better. And you may want to see if car dealers once your approved have $0 money down financing available in your part of Arlington Texas.



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