Do You Need To Have Credit To Buy Your First Car?

Credit for your first carIt all depends on what you want for a used car? Only you can answer what kind of the first car you want. A good used car is not a bad plan.

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Buying a used car at full for your first car

You first want to see if you have enough money to purchase the used car in full. Most people want to pay for used cars at low prices in full but the hard part is finding a used car now that you can pay in full.


Really buying a used car ranks on how much money you’re willing to spend on a used car or find a deal at a local car lot.


If you have no credit you might find it hard for a car dealership in Indianapolis to offer you car financing for a used car without the high-interest rates.


You really want to establish a credit score for buying a vehicle and you do that with the help of a secure credit card and making sure you pay the amount off monthly. This should help you build a credit profile for such things as a used car.


A down payment and your savings for the used car will help. There are a lot of folks now that are looking to get a used car with just $99 down at their local car lots. Yes, that can work but it’s always helpful to put more down. That’s why we mentioned having savings.



$500 down for a used car at the dealership is better than having $99 down for a used car.



It’s actually better to buy a 3-year-old car that has depreciated a little bit then having to buy a rock bottom baseline new car. It’s a lot better to buy used cars when you think of it that way.


Why down payments are important for used cars


Down payments for used cars have a large factor because if you have no credit no dealer is going to give you a decent interest rate on a used car for your first car.


So that’s why you have to rely on the down payment or shop for a better price for what you can afford.