Time For New Car Financing in Atlanta Georgia

subprime credit auto loans atlantaYour looking to get new car financing for the new year? Your in the right spot. People around this time of year are sick of riding in their “old car” now you might not think a 2009 Dart is old but there are people that need the best of the best each  year with a new car. 

The prices for cars aren’t going to be going down anytime soon. So if you are dealing with bad credit or poor credit, and even subprime credit we have options that can make you smile in Atlanta.

There is no time like now to buy a car. If you need special financing for a car we have it handled for you. Most banks if you try and get a car loan with them and they run your credit and its not to their liking they will try and give you an auto loan with an average rate.

But you can still some times get a high interest rate with even a good credit score. 719 credit score you would think that you’d get a decent rate but 4.2% is still kind of high.

You want to get down to 1.99% to 2.4% it keeps your monthly payment down and you can get a nice car if the price is right! Know that to make the dealer want to move the car off his lot that the price needs to be right for both parties.

That is what we do for you make sure that the price and the rate is going to work for everyone involved. Car buying doesn’t have to be hard in Atlanta but you want to make it known you want a good deal or no cars will be moving.

Apply now and see what we can do for you in Atlanta. And remember that if you can put $99 down  you can get a car for $99 a month.



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