Used Car Dealers in Atlanta $99 Down Cars in ATL

99 down car dealers in Atlanta GAWho wouldn’t love to purchase a new car with savings? We know we would love to purchase a new car with a lot of savings. There are many car dealers in the Atlanta Georgia area that offer great discounts on cars on their lots.

The best time to go car shopping is midweek! You might ask why and the answer is simple because car dealers can spend more time with you during a weekday and give you a better deal.


Let’s be honest with everyone that car shops want a good deal on a car and showing up during the week will help you out with your local car dealer in Atlanta.


You can start with a car loan application right now and be contacted by a local car dealer in Atlanta Georgia. And we can do all this with you having bad credit.


See what we do is work with a car dealer in our network of Atlanta car dealers that will give you your best shot at a new or used car loan.


We may even be able to pull off a $99 down car payment for you in Atlanta Georgia but you have to apply now and meet our car loan requirements. Which are:


  • 18 years old
  • $1,500 a month  income
  • US citizen
  • Valid Drivers License



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