How To Get A $99 Car Payment in Atlanta With Subprime Credit

Bad credit auto loans in Atlanta GAThere are many ways to get a $99 car loan in Atlanta and we will help you get started. A $99 car payment might take some time even if you have good credit.


But there are many dealers in Atlanta that can help once you apply. You must apply online to get the car loan deal.


Here is a list of ways to help you get the $99 car payment in Atlanta with subprime credit. Now not all these ways will work but they can give you an idea of what an Atlanta dealer is looking for.


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  1. Have a job
  2. Make at least $350 a week
  3. Have a 680 or better credit score
  4. Get a co-signer
  5. Pay down your credit cards
  6. Put down a large down payment


Your credit is huge when you want a low car payment. But something to consider is the year of the car that you want to get financed. 2011 or later can get 1.99% depending on where you go.


So if your looking to get a car in the next month or so save your money for a down payment.



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