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Why Doing Your Homework on a Used Car in Atlanta Georgia is So Important

how to afford a used car in Atlanta GA

It’s never easy to find a car that you want without feeling robbed at the car dealership, right? That’s why you want to do your homework and make sure the car is right for you.

With a large selection of used cars in Atlanta Georgia a lot of car lots are offering $0 down payments and you can drive but you will want to make sure you watch when you sign the papers that you don’t have a large interest rate.


Yes, $0 down does sound good on a used car but you might be paying 15% interest on the car once you drive it off the lot.


There are a lot of car dealers that are offering $99 down on multiple used cars in Atlanta Georgia you just have to shop the car lots everyday. Car prices change everyday because no car dealer wants to have a car on their car lot for too long.


You can shop $99 car lots in Atlanta Georgia


$99 car payments for a used car isn’t unheard of any more in Atlanta Georgia. Even $88 down car payments is found from time to time but one thing that car dealers don’t tell you is you have to have a credit score of 600 most of the time to qualify.


What banks and auto lenders can do for you in Atlanta Georgia

buying a used car in Atlanta with paying on debt


Yes your credit score does help the banks and auto lenders know what type of case they are getting into they don’t want to high of a risk or they will do two things.


  1. Give a very high interest rate
  2. Deny your auto loan application


Which neither one you don’t want but it does happen. The better your down payment options are or the criteria for a used car is the better chance you will have to purchasing a used car.

We can partner you up with a used car dealer in Atlanta Georgia

We have partnered up with the most understanding lenders for bad credit for used car financing in Atlanta and our job is to help you located a local car dealer near you that fits your financial requirements and we can do that now for you.