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How You Go About Figuring Out Your Monthly Used Car Payment in Atlanta Georgia With Down Payment Included

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You want to know your monthly payment before you buy a used car in Atlanta Georgia, right? Well that comes down to a few factors and we can get right down to it.

The factors that will determine your monthly payment for a used car in Atlanta Georgia

The one factor you have to look for when buying a used car is price. Your down payment comes down to these things

  • Price of the car – you want to make sure your looking at a used car in your price range and not above it.
  • Down payment for the used car – you want to make sure you have the down payment that the used car dealership in Atlanta is asking for. Most of the time the car dealer is looking for 10% or $1,000 down payment for a used car in Atlanta Georgia. That’s why negotiating the price is so important.
  • You want to know the length of the car loan and you don’t want to do a car loan in Atlanta over the 60 month range you’re just going to be paying too much for the car over time.
  • You want to keep the interest rate down – so look at your credit score and see what you can do to improve the interest on a used car. A credit score over 600 is fairly good for an interest rate of 4%. But you want to get down to the 3.2-3.5% if you can.

You will also want to look at used cars locally that are in your budget so looking at used cars under 10K in Atlanta Georgia is recommended or used cars for 5K in Atlanta GA is also something to keep your eye on.

To figure out the monthly payment on a used car it all starts with the down payment


buying a used car in Atlanta with paying on debt

Most of all if you can put down a large down payment on a used car the lender won’t have to finance you for long and to be honest the only one that can tell you the length of an auto loan is the auto lender.

They want to see how much risk they are taking on for a used car loan when they offer you the money. The happier you can make the auto lender the easier it will be to get the financing and it all starts with a good down payment.

Trying a buy here pay here car dealer in Atlanta might work to but first go to the bank and see what the auto lenders can do for you they seem to over the best rates for all credit car buyers.