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Keeping Your Debt Ratio Down For a Used Car in Atlanta Georgia

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When you are in the process of wanting to buy a car you need to check your credit. Checking for errors are worth it. You don’t want your credit to be out of wack when you are trying to purchase a vehicle in Atlanta with bad credit.


The last thing you need is your credit to have errors because lenders don’t like that very much and it makes you look like you can’t pay your bills on time.


Don’t miss payments on your credit card bills


Another thing you will want to make sure you don’t do is miss a payment creditor’s look at the payment history that you have and paying your bills on time can go a long way.


Even if it’s just the minimum amount you can pay that’s better than not paying your debt down at all. When you’re paying off debt you should look at doing automatic bill pay when it’s available. It honestly helps with the stress of paying bills.


Keep your debt ratio low for a car loan in Atlanta


When you have credit card debt you want to keep your debt at 30% of your what you can spend on the car. You don’t want to spend more than 50% on your credit card limit. You want to have your debt ratio low so that auto lenders will see you pay your bills responsibility and you will be more likely to get a car loan.


Keep old credit cards open but don’t use them


Don’t open any new cards or close any old cards even if you don’t use the card anymore. Auto lenders will see that you can pay down the debt you have in a reasonable time.


So if you’re looking for credit help we can help you and when you are ready for a car loan in Atlanta Georgia we can connect you to a car dealer near you with the best auto loan rates.



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