What Does Your Credit Have to be for a Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealer in Atlanta Georgia

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Let’s face it when and if you buy anything you have to have decent credit well at least some people think. Yes, a no money down car option in Atlanta would help but as a car owner you want to have some equity in the vehicle.

Credit is important for a used car in Atlanta Georgia

So, work on your credit the easy way by paying down some credit card bills, making weekly or bi-weekly payments aren’t going to hurt.

Banks care that you can pay down the loans they give you. If you have bad credit and are looking to get a used car but don’t have the cash flow that a bank is looking for you can search out buy here pay here car dealers in Atlanta Georgia.

But when you go looking for buy here pay here car dealerships  you want to meet their guidelines and make sure you have the money for the used car.

What buy here pay here car dealers look for with a used car purchase

Most buy here pay here car dealers want you to have the following for a used car in Atlanta Georgia.

  • Up to $1,500 income monthly
  • Proof of job
  • At least 6 months at the job

If you can work with those basics you can get connected by car dealership in Atlanta. Financing can be hard when you have bad credit so really finding a car is great, but you want to find the best strategy for increasing your credit score.

You credit score is crucial for any kind of auto financing in Atlanta Georgia. Placing car buyers with the best auto financing they can get is what we do in Atlanta.