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What Car Dealers Try and Pull For New and Used Cars in Atlanta Georgia

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car dealer tricks for used cars in Atlanta GA

Buying a car can be tricky. Car dealers use many tricks to get you to spend on a new or used car.


Most car buyers that want to purchase a new car have to trade in their old car and car dealers really start low from the appraisal and think that you will talk price from where they start.


Know the value of your used car in Atlanta Georgia


You don’t have to go through that you can get the trade in value of what your older car is using car sites like Kelley Blue Book can help you get the upper hand.


Car buyers now have the upper hand when they are able to get the information they need to stand strong on the offers they give to the local car dealerships in Atlanta.


Remember it’s your car get the most value out of your car by doing some research on the value of the older car.


See what new and used car dealers do is get you in their doors and pitch you a crap price on the worth of your used car, which is your trade in value and try and sell you on a used car in Atlanta Georgia that you don’t even want that’s super expensive.

low payment car dealerships

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Budget for the used car you can afford in Atlanta Georgia


What you want to do is gear yourself towards a car that you can afford after you have crunched the numbers. Most of the time car dealer’s tools are going to give you the low payment used car loan rates in Atlanta that you like to see just to get you into the car dealership.


You don’t have to play that game make sure they have the car you want in their stock. Think of it this way your money spends well at other car dealerships to so don’t just play with one of them.


Don’t feel the pressure of have to purchase the extended warranty if it doesn’t cover much for the car you’re buying in Atlanta. If you want you can make sure the extended warranty you’re getting for the car covers most everything on the car and for at least two years.