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used car bad credit dealers in Atlanta GeorgiaYou want to know what makes up your credit score so you can buy the things you want like a car or a house. Your credit score is the key thing that most lenders look at before they approve you for a car loan or a credit card.


Your FICO score tells the lender the likelihood of you paying back the loan if you got one. Scores generally go from 300 to 850 and the higher the score the better quality the lender thinks you’ll be.


It goes like this:


  • 35% is payment history
  • 30% is the amount due
  • 15% is the length of credit history
  • 10% is the types of credit in use
  • 10% is a new credit


So if you’re looking for a car loan you will want to make sure you pay your loan on time and don’t have any late payments. Lenders don’t like late payments.


You can get a copy of your credit report each year and dispute any errors on it. But make sure you get some help if you’re going to dispute your credit, it always helps.


But if you need a car loan and fast? We are maybe able to help you out we help people daily get new and used cars for sale in Atlanta no matter their credit score. We work to match you up with the best car dealerships in the Atlanta area that will work with your budget.

Auto Loans for Bad Credit in Atlanta Georgia

If you’re serious about a new or used car let’s get the application going and get you back on the road with a better car rate and newer model car.


Our application is free and there is no obligation to buy a car once you are approved for the loan at the dealer nearest you.  We have tons of used cars in Atlanta Georgia and our inventory is always changing.

We have car dealers that are focused on financing you for the best car loan deal in Atlanta.



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