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Negotiating A Used Car in Atlanta Georgia – Used Car Dealerships in Atlanta GA

in house used car dealers in Atlanta GAYou want to negotiate the best price on a new or used car in Atlanta Georgia. Buying a car doesn’t sound like a good time but we can walk you though what needs to go down for you to be successful at it.


First you have to do your research and a lot. Test driving is a must and weighing your auto financing options. Than try to talk the car dealership down on price that’s not the fun part.


Remember that negotiating a car is just business. It’s your money and you don’t want to feel bad with how much you spent.


You can negotiate the car price on your own terms. Tell the car dealership what your looking for not the other way around. Way to often people buy the wrong car and pay to much.


Negotiate the price from the invoiced price not the sticker. This can save you some money, maybe a lot. The invoice price is the estimated price that the car dealer spend to buy the car.


So if the car was invoiced at $8,000 but the sticker says $13,500 they want to try and make 5,500 on the car so start at $9,500 for negotiations.


Focus on the total cost of the car not the monthly payment you want a deal on the cost of the car. If you need help with auto financing we can help you so the car dealers don’t confuse you with interest rates on the spot.

Addons and Used Car Dealerships in Atlanta Georgia

Buying a new or used car in Atlanta Georgia can be hard so we want to take the confusion out of the process and help you focus on the things you need for the car.


Say no to the car dealer add-ons they are just another way to get more money in the dealerships pocket. And remember that the car dealer salesman is there to sell you your car not be your friend. Your there to get the best deal on a new or used car.



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