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The Fees Not To Pay on New and Used Cars in Atlanta Georgia – New and Used Car Lots in Atlanta GA

no money down cars in AtlantaWith buying a car there is a lot of paperwork and you don’t have all the time in the world to read it all. You just want the car you just bought plain and simple. No need to read the fine print you don’t have time.


But if you had a heads up to know what to look for the process could be easier for you and you could get those keys and just drive.


So for your next new or used car in Atlanta you will want to flip through the paperwork a little.


Every car on the car lot new or used comes with fees. But there are some fees you can negotiate out of.


These fees you have to pay like:


  • Sales tax – you can’t wiggle out of that one.
  • Title and registration – it’s required from the DMV.
  • Documentation – which is just stating you’re a new legit owner and you agreed upon the price. Watch to see if the car dealer adds any money on to this fee. Usually the cost is $100 depending on the state. Check your state requirements – State fees.


There are closing fees that aren’t mandatory but they can be negotiated:


  • Marketing and advertising fee – dealers will try and mark up for the advertising of their inventory and getting you into the car dealership. It’s the cost of doing business so let them know that if you see the fee.
  • Destination fee – most common with used cars but you can talk them down. The fee is to deliver the car to the car lot.
  • Extended warranty – you don’t need it but if you want it go for it. You probably can get it cheaper as time goes on.
  • Watch out for this if the car is in demand the car dealer might put a premium price on the retail of the car.


Do not pay any of these fees


  • Detailing fees
  • Paint sealant and fabric protector
  • Weather resistant
  • Dealer prep fees
  • Don’t do any extra insurances
  • No to the alarm system – do it if you can negotiate the price to something comfortable.


Now if you need help with auto financing at a car dealership near you in Atlanta Georgia we can sure help you get matched with a car dealer that wants to sell you a car and not any extra fees.


Start the simple application right now and let’s find you the car you want without the extra money fees. We also work with the most bad credit car dealers in the Atlanta area for new and used cars. So we can find you an option on a car you love.



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