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used car dealerships in Atlanta GADid you know that in 2016 new car sales where to drop 10% and used car sales rose 9%? That’s amazing that more and more people are looking to purchase used cars over new cars.

3 out of 4 people spend 3-4 months researching a car. That’s not an impulse buyers move so car buyers are getting educated on their next car not bad. 83% of people that do research on a used car go online first. 59% of people look at both new and used cars before they buy one.


When you find a car that your interest in you should bring your mechanic along with you. Ask question about the car like if it’s been in any accidents or can I check the oil? Check for blue or black smoke, tire wear, and leaks to name a few.


When negotiating on a used car stay firm know that you have the power and use the information you been getting in your research.


Auto Financing Guidance in Atlanta Georgia


We can help with auto financing at your local used car dealership in Atlanta. That’s what specializes in is bad credit auto financing for used cars for the whole state of Georgia.


We have access to multiple car dealerships that will work to get you the lowest price on a used car. We work with over 1,000 used car dealerships. So take your time making the right decision on a used car and let us help you shop around. You could always look at the incentives that the car dealership is offering.


There is nothing wrong with getting a used car that is 2-3 years old and has low miles. Your credit will thank you.



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