Why People Are Searching 0 Down Used Cars in Atlanta. 0 Down Car Dealerships in Atlanta GA

low down payment cars with bad credit

Every one seems to be searching the 0 down cars now and as they should because cars are getting more and more expensive and who has the money to up down on a new car?


That’s why we have partnered up with some of the best used car dealerships in Atlanta Georgia to assist in finding an affordable car for you.

How car dealers in Atlanta look at down payments

For a new car at lets say $25,000 that means your down payment at 10% which is the “norm” for a new car at that price is $2,500 now who as that kind of cash around? No one, that’s why most people now need an auto loan of some kind in Atlanta Georgia for a car.


Now the smarter way to do this is shop online and see what kind of used car inventory most Atlanta car dealers have. If you can get a car at the price of $12,500 and it’s pre-owned and has 24K miles on it you’re doing good.


That only means you need about $1,250 for the down payment but there might be a way to get the down payment at $500 down if you have decent credit.


Now most car dealers don’t like to risk a used car with a credit score less than 580. Just too much risk, but if you come in at a 600 the car dealership might say down payment at $750 with cash in hand.


Or if you’re a negotiator talk down the car to $9,500 or you’re walking. A lot of car dealers at the end of the month are hard pressed to move cars and if you time it right you might get a used car with no money down in Atlanta Georgia.

Working with the right used car dealership in Atlanta Georgia

0 down cars in Atlanta GA


But it all starts with a little homework and talking to the car dealerships from there. Every car dealer in Atlanta wants to sell you a car just make the right decision when you are on their car lot and you should be good.


We can help you connect with a car dealership in Atlanta so you know what kind of car your going to buy, fill out the auto loan form and you will hear back from an Atlanta car dealer within hours.