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Better Auto Loan Rates on Used Cars in Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta car loans bad creditShop for the better auto loan rate

Affordable cars are just around the corner. It’s true and we can help you get the best rate possible for a new or used car. We work with many local car lots in Atlanta to bring you the best car loan rates you can find in the area.

What we recommend for local car dealers

We do recommend before you go into the car dealer even if you are just looking? Take a look online so you can familiarize yourself with the car dealer prices and rates. A lot of car buyers are taken back when they walk into the local car dealer and see what rates and prices car dealers come back with. Some car dealers are greedy to say the least.

So know what you’re going into the car dealer for and make it happen. Know the facts like If you have bad credit a car dealer will bump you into any auto loan rate to get you into a car and the worse your credit is the higher the loan rate will be so a credit score of 599 or below will be no less than 10% interest.

You want your interest rate to be around 2-3% even with bad credit and we can work with you and the car dealer in Atlanta to get the price down on the car or the car loan rate. So don’t let the auto loan rates scare you from getting a car just talk with the car dealer to make sure it’s what you want.

Used Cars in Atlanta

Another option you have is a used car with bad credit a lot of people don’t even go after new cars with bad credit. They play the safe bet and drive a used car.

You can get a better price for a used car and most likely a better auto loan rate for it too.

There are multiple buy here pay here car dealers in Atlanta that can do in-house financing if that’s what you qualify for.

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