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How You Should Decide To Lease or Buy a Used Car in Dallas Texas

The Credit Pros

buy a used car in Dallas TexasWhen you’re buying a new or used car in Dallas Texas there are a lot of factors to consider as a consumer. Buying a car or leasing a car in Dallas might take a sizable impact on your financial picture.


Looking at your finances for car buying in Dallas Texas


So in a nutshell weighing the options of buying or leasing a car in Dallas Texas might come down to figuring out your financial situation or personal preference.


Think about it like this: if you like to drive something new every couple of years and don’t really like to do the maintenance on the car? Maybe leasing is for you.


If you want to look at what’s affordable for a car to get you from point A to B? You might want to finance instead.


Leasing a car is like this if you like to have a new car every two to three years and you want a slow depreciation curve then leasing is the way to go.


What buying a car in Dallas really means to the consumer


Today, actually about 57% of people like to buy because it allows them flexibility. Buying a car doesn’t mean you have to go new you can still buy used cars in Dallas and still own a nice car.

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Let’s break down how you should look at buying or leasing a car in Dallas Texas.


  1. Ideally, you want to look at your finances – There could be a lot of drawbacks to leasing. Like if you have bad credit or don’t want to have the best auto insurance on the vehicle? Usually, if you’re going to lease your require to have good credit or have a co-signer. You usually have to put down 10-20% as a down payment. Remember too that you’re only really paying for the depreciation of the car. At times it might just be better financially to buy a car outright. There are tons of pre-owned cars in Dallas Texas.



  1. Take into consideration repairs – Yes the car might be under a warranty and the dealership might throw you a bone for free oil changes but any damages to the car like tires, dings, or scratches your going to have to cover the cost. Maybe some financial companies have a limit to the cost of damages; if it’s under a certain amount you might be fine.



  1. You have to watch how you travel – With a lease you are given a set number of miles you can drive a year. That’s how car dealers in Dallas Texas keep the depreciation down. Some dealers might give you 10K or other dealers may give you 12K. To be honest, 12K is the norm and 15K is unheard of but it can happen. But to let you know if you do go over the amount it can sting a lot because its 15 cents a mile and if you have a year left you can expect a large bill when you turn in the car.



  1. One way to buy a car is to go with your personality – If you like a new car every two to three years jump into a lease. But if you are a long term goal person you might want to finance a used car in Dallas if you want a car pass three years. Also, look at cars that don’t depreciate fast many SUV’s don’t. European cars do, that’s why the car payments are slightly higher. You don’t always have to go after the latest and greatest with new cars, and some of the technology doesn’t work is the first to market. Used cars can be just as fine and most have comparable features.



  1. You want to know what you’re bargaining for – So do your homework on both types of car financing options leasing and buying used cars. Like everything, there is a little wiggle room. But know what you’re asking for before you talk to anyone. Really buying or leasing a car in Dallas is about what you as a car buyer see as value and nothing more. Buying within your budget and drive away happy.
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