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The Cheap Used Car Question in Dallas Texas

bad credit auto loans for sedansCars and credit are a sticky question for most and the question that we get the most is how I can get a cheap used car mostly in Dallas Texas and the answer is mostly going to be right under your nose.

Yes, a cheap used car is mostly depending on the amount of work you want to put into looking for the vehicle. Its that simple and straight really no fluff either.

When looking at cheap used cars in Dallas Texas

What we recommend if your looking for a cheap used car in Dallas is to use a car dealership used car inventory. Or you can google used cars under $5K in Dallas Texas.

Now finding the used car you may think that will be the largest hurdle for you but not really talking financing with a car dealer can have you dancing circles which isn’t always fun.

Remember that buying a car is never an investment you will lose money, so you want to keep that money in your pocket or as much as you can. So, set a budget like you should and start looking at the used cars.

You can even go to a credit union to see what they can offer you, most of the time their car loan rates are better than any other banks.

Can you do better with your credit score

If you think your credit score could use some help work on that before buying a used car. The biggest things that car dealers and lender look at for buying a car is:

  1. Income
  2. Debt
  3. Credit

They all have to line up with what the auto lender feels is comfortable for the bank to finance. So the less you have to finance the better. So, what does that mean? Have a down payment that can put a sizable dent in the loan you need.

Or see if a buy here pay here car dealership in Dallas Texas as the used car your looking for and work out bi-weekly car payments.