Broke and Need A Car In Houston With Bad Credit

Car loans in HoustonSo your broke and you need a car and fast because you need some type of transportation from work and back home. Cars are not as cheap as they use to be in Houston. But believe it or not you can find a car in Houston with a 320 credit score. Ideally you want to have a 500 or above, and in all reality the nations average for a credit score is 675.


So if you have a credit score in that range you should be fine. 800 and above is considered excellent credit. But you don’t need the most perfect credit to own a car. You just need a positive bank account and show that you can pay your bills on time and your set.


If you’re a college student it can be hit or miss when you go to by a car because you may or may not have been building up your credit and most of the time car salesmen don’t look at college loans as something that your building credit on.


It can take you years to pay off a college loan so if you have a car loan even if it’s for $1200 that will boost your credit. And you can pay it off in about 6 months at $200 payments.


What you want when your buying a car is low monthly payments and since Houston is a hot spot for buying cars it can be hard to locate a nice car because all the good cars can be gone.



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