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10 Cities With Lowest Credit Score

subprime auto financingNow you may have a low credit score and that’s okay but a better credit score maybe in your future for a car. Here are some cities that have the worst credit scores across the country.


You can check your credit score for a car right here right now.


  • Shreveport Louisiana – 640 score
  • Corpus Christi Texas – 639 score
  • Bakersfield California – 639 score
  • Alexandria Louisiana -639 score
  • Monroe Louisiana – 639 score
  • Laredo Texas – 635 credit score
  • Riverside California – 632 credit score
  • Harlingen Texas – 631 credit score
  • Albany Georgia – 631 credit score
  • Greenwood Mississippi – 622 credit score


There you have it the 10 cities with the lowest credit score, now it can put you in a pickle for car loan or a personal loan.


But talk to us about helping you out with a car loan today online with a bad credit or subprime credit and we can get you an affordable car loan.



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