How People Are Buying Used Cars Online Via Car Dealer Inventory Tools

local car lots with used car inventory toolsMore and more folks are finding it easier to shop online via used car tools than walking used car lots and dealer lots in general. Most people actually just call the car dealerships with their questions over heading to the car lot.

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People read reviews before buying cars


Makes sense since there are just so many people leaving reviews online about car dealership experiences. With the help of sites like Facebook, you can even see what people have said about the vehicle on social media.


Reviews are the new craze for car dealerships now, you can see how they treat people and when I say people I mostly mean your friends and if car dealers don’t treat your friends nice what makes you think they are going to give you the same respect, you’re just not going to show up.


Car buyers use online used car inventory tools


Really about 90% of car buyers use online inventory tools for used cars and most of the time want to look for a phone number on the website.


Just a few days ago I had a lady want to see what was on a local car lots used inventory after showing here the places to navigate to on the website. I also gave her the phone number to call to be connected to a local car dealership and about five minutes later I asked if she used the application I gave her and she told me she just called and talk to the dealer from the number I gave her.


So that just goes to show you the way people are buying cars is just from the ease of a phone number or online used car tools that link up to their nearest car dealership.


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Just remember that the easiest way doesn’t have to be the only way to buy a used car but it’s the tools that most people use now and they don’t really set foot into a car lot.


I really don’t blame them with the hassles and the hour spent the car dealer just wants to break you for a new car.