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How To Tell If Your Local Used Car Dealership is Ripping You Off

avoid the local used car dealership rip off

Have you ever been to a car dealership and didn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling that you were going to get the best service they had to offer?


A ton of car buyers get these on edge feeling daily and here is some ways to spot that your getting the “treatment”.


This can happen at any car dealership, a $99 down car dealership or a $199 down car dealership or $500 down car dealership, and even a buy here pay here car dealership, anywhere in the nation.

Knowing the signs to walk away from a used car purchase

But being able to see the signs of this happening can help you save thousands on a mistake or a used car that’s on its last leg that the local car dealership near you wants you to buy.


It happens all the time and a lot of times the buyer doesn’t know when to walk.


When you are being rushed is a good sign you need to back out of the car negotiating because they might be something up with the car. If they offer a deal to you but want an answer right on the spot because another car buyer is interested earlier its time to walk.


There are a ton of other car lots for new and used cars to shop at, buying a car can be emotional so wait it out.


You want to watch out for higher financing tricks which most of the time can be seen at buy here pay here car dealerships that are local. If you decide to go the route of a buy here pay here car dealer just watch the interest rate and most importantly know your credit score this will keep the car dealer in check most of the time.


One tactic that car lots like to play is knowing your monthly payment budget than they can add on more time to the auto loan term meaning that you have the down payment and the money for a 48 month auto loan but the car dealership comes back with a 60 month auto loan for you.

Watch out for used car dealer tactics at your local used car dealership

This means that yes the monthly car payment will be lower but you will be paying for the car for an extra year which means the car lot makes that money for an extra year.

We want to help you get the best price on a new or used car at a local car dealership nearest you that’s going to give you a fair shot at auto financing and monthly payments.


Remember you want to have a good credit score and or a large down payment so you can tell the car dealership you mean business.