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49 Dollars Down For Bad Credit Car

women with carsForty nine dollars down, forty nine dollars down, that’s right, $49.00 dollars,
fewer than fifty bucks, that’s all you need to get in a car. That’s less than
four cases of beer, less than ten cases of soda, less than a family of four
going to the movies.

Get approved for a low payment car near you

If you have forty nine dollars we can get you into a
car. Call us, text us, mail us, click the link on this page but do not miss this
deal. If you have bad credit, slow credit, no credit, you still have us in your
corner. Think of how nice that new machine will purr with you behind the
wheel. Think of the air conditioned comfort you will enjoy tooling down the
highway, all for only forty nine bucks.

Check your credit for a car loan

Think your friends will be impressed,
I bet they will say, look at that, what a nice ride and it only took forty nine
dollars to get it. They will be impressed by your business savvy, they will
say lets ride…. In your car because theirs is just so lame. A new car for
forty nine dollars, amazing, what is even more amazing is this car gets over
thirty miles to the gallon. Fewer gas station stops mean more money in
your pocket, more time on the highway, fewer headaches due to the high
cost of fuel. Why make the oil companies rich, why not fill your tank with
nickels and run on pennies, this is your chance to snag the ride of your
dreams. DO IT TODAY. Click the link, get that forty nine dollar deal now, it
won’t last forever. Remember to check your credit report.

We can also help you get into a new car with a down payment of $99 down at your local Detroit MI car dealership. Start the process right now and get called by a local car dealer today!



10 thoughts on “49 Dollars Down For Bad Credit Car”

    1. Kevin,

      Yes we can! Please go to and fill out the full form and our dealership will call you within 24 hours.

      Thank you for choosing

  1. Well I looked at all these comments and none of them got the real answer all of it saying is go to the website and apply I thought this was a question and answer page

    1. We can help you but we have to know what your looking for with a car before we can give you answers.

      We need to know you can qualify for our programs.

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