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5 Dos and Don’t of buying a New or Pre-Owned Car – Car Buying Tips for Indianapolis Car Buyers

used cars in Indianapolis IndianaBuying a car is usually something you have to do if you want to travel or go back and forth to work unless you have a different mode of transportation which might be a scooter or a bike or you can even walk.


Most of us need a car somewhere down the road in our lives. We have some dos and don’t for car buying so lets break them down.


0 money down used cars in Indianapolis5 dos for buying a car


  1. Figure out a budget and stick to it you want to know how much you can afford.
  2. Shop before you buy you will want to test drive the cars before you make any major decisions. Look at the reliability of the vehicles make sure it’s an over all good fit for you.
  3. Negotiate first on the phone or on email. Talk price not payment, you want to take all the emotion out of it and make the right moves.
  4. Buy used, unless you can afford it new, most people like to purchase used cars at least 2 years old and making sure its pre-owned certified.
  5. Make sure you have someone with you when you buy the car. They might see something you have missed. It’s a good idea to have an extra set of eyes when you are buying a car.


The 5 don’t for buying a car


  1. You don’t want to lease unless you are rich. You want a car you will eventually own and a lease doesn’t allow for that.
  2. Don’t finance for more than 3 years. You want to drive something you can afford and 3 years is a good indicator.
  3. Buy what you can see yourself making reasonable payments on you don’t need anything over the top with a car. Go used car if you want too.
  4. Owning a car can get expensive at times and you want to consider that.
  5. Don’t show the car dealer to much because than they can get pushy just play it normal and go with what you want not what the car dealer is telling you what you want.


bad credit car loans in IndianapolisDon’t forget the car buying process is a lot easier when you have auto financing already laid out and you can do that right now on the web and than go to the car dealership.

We help people in Indianapolis get auto loans they deserve from local car dealers so let us help you get your car. We work with the car dealers to make sure the down payments for the used car are affordable and in reason.



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