Brand New Car For 49 Dollars Down

49 dollar carA brand new car for forty nine dollars is available right now to you; click our
link so we can reserve a brand new Kia for your driveway. Think of how
nice it will be to have a new car for forty nine dollars down, you will have
a warranty, and peace of mind knowing that your new car is warranted
with no out of pocket expense to you. Keep reading if you want this deal,
better yet stop reading and start moving, send a note, send an email, call
a friend and drive to our site.

You get the idea this deal won’t last for long,
but the car you buy will. A new car is within your grasp, do not worry about
breaking down at the most inopportune time, instead, drive a 2013 model
today, tomorrow or early next week. Don’t have forty nine dollars, then go
get it, what are you thinking, there is no time to waste, a forty nine dollar
down car is a steal and is yours for the taking. Do not avoid the obvious.


You need a new car and we need to sell them, forty nine dollars down, we
will do your paperwork, we will pick you up, we can even teach you how to
start and put gas in the car, but you have to act now so we can help you
get your ride. Is this coming through, are you getting the message, can you
feel the vibe? Speaking of a Vibe, why not buy a used Pontiac Vibe at our
reduced interest rate, you would be saving gas and traveling in style, click
the link NOW.



48 thoughts on “Brand New Car For 49 Dollars Down

    • There is no catch. All you have to do is apply and see what you can get approved for Melanie.

    • Yes, you can apply below:

      or by phone the number is 844-644-6154

  1. There has to be a catch to only pay 49.00 down for a new car…
    What is the monthly payments?

    • Tammy, there is no catch but you have to apply to see if you can get approved for that $49 down special.

    • Daisy,

      Please go to the following linked and we can help you get approved for an auto loan.

      Thank you for choosing

    • David,

      Please go to to get started with an auto loan.

      Thank you for choosing

    • Not in all cases we work with some of the best car dealerships in the nation.

  2. Minnie Nathan

    I live in Los Angeles, CA – Is this this program in Los Angeles, or Inglewood, CA

    • Yes we are nationwide. You have to apply here:

  3. jacqueline wilson

    So you have to be approved for the 49.00 down. Do you keep running the application until someone picks it up. Is this program in New Jersey.

    • Yes we are nationwide. You have to apply here:

  4. Do You Have To Put Down Money To Get The Car Or They Give You A Loan To Pay It ?

    • Lyneth, as long as you have a valid drivers license we can get you approved.

  5. It says you need a valid drivers license and insurance. I don’t have insurance because I don’t own a vehicle so I don’t have insurance.

    • Donald, you don’t always need insurance to apply to see what you can get approved for. Its just recommended that you do.

    • Allan, you would hear within 24 hours. Or you can call us anytime at 844-392-0940. Thank you.

    • Vida, we don’t have any programs with Uber. But if you need a car we can help you out with that?

  6. My parents are looking for a 2nd car and we saw this on a commercial I believe. I’m wondering if this is a catch.

    • There is no catch. It all depends on what the car dealer can approve you for all credit is different. You can also call us to set up an appointment with us at 844-392-0940.

  7. Are you certain that anyone can get approved regardless of the credit?? My sister score is 500 can she get a car? and not just any car, a nice reliable car?

    • Yes Tia, we work with hundreds of special finance car dealers that can help your sister out. You can also call us at 844-392-0940 and we can help you over the phone.

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