Driving A New Kia Home From The Dealer Ship In Houston

cheap cars for bad credit houstonDriving my new Kia home from the local dealer I was thinking about what
a great financing deal I got. Two percent interest with five hundred down
and my payments are only one hundred eighty nine a month. This ride is so
much nicer than that fifteen year old minivan that I was driving and the gas
is going to be cheaper for me too.

Then I thought I should let my friends Lou and Larry know about the sweet deal I got so I drove over and showed


them. Lou said he couldn’t get credit because he was not working for
minimum wage so I drove him over to the dealer’s lot and let him talk with
the sales guy. Guess what, Lou only needed two hundred and fifty dollars
down and his payments are ninety nine dollars a month. If you contact
us today we may be able to get you the same deal and put you in a new
Honda or Toyota with little down and low monthly payments. Even if you
have been denied by others contact us to find out if this is right for you. It
costs nothing to apply and you might find a reasonable price on a great car
that costs less than what you can actually afford.


Free credit scores are available to all United States Citizens, get yours
today or contact us for help in locating what your score is. There is no cost
and you may find yourself in a new used car that is better than the heap
you drive now.



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