Financing For A $49.00 Bad Credit Car Loan

car down payment $49Driving the car that you don’t like? Why not get a new one? If you have


bad credit and you’re worried you will be turned down then stop worrying.


We can help you get into that car or truck with little to no money down. We


have $49.00 down for cars and $99.00 down for trucks. We also specialize


in bad credit or no credit or personal bankruptcy. Whenever bad luck is


befallen you we can help you get out of it. If you need a car to get to work


or if you need a car to get a job we can put you in that vehicle quickly. But


first you need to make the first move, fill out the warm on our web site, then


submit it and see what happens. We believe we can help you get the car


you want. Knowing your FICO score is the first phase of you fixing your


credit, once you have that score in hand you can begin to determine what


you can afford. Make sure you look for mistakes on that score otherwise


you will pay more money to borrow money. With your score in hand and all


mistakes corrected you are ready to approach banks to see if they will lend


you money and at what interest rate it will be. Be sure to contact several


banks and credit unions because rates will vary as well as the amount of


money they will lend. Once you have this in and you’re ready to begin


negotiating for the car of your dreams. Be sure to ask the dealership what


kind of financing they will provide you do you can compare what they are


offering to what your bank offered. Remember you can negotiate with them


and tell them you have a better deal elsewhere if they want your business


the need to match or beat the financing you have in hand.



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