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How To Buy Used Cars in Chicago For Your Teen

used cars under 100000 in ChicagoWhen you’re buying a used car for a teen? It’s probably going to be their first car so you want to try and buy the safest used car you can right? We want to help you find the used cars in Chicago for your teen.

Used cars for teens in Chicago are going to be the cheapest ways to go you want to really look at used cars under $10,000 in Chicago if you can. That’s really the best solution to finding a teen in their first car.


So what I am going to do is break down the list of used cars and SUVs you should really be looking at for your teen’s first used vehicle in Chicago regardless of price and just on safety alone.


Used cars you should look at:


  1. Jetta Sedan 09 or newer – cost $5,600
  2. Volvo S80 07 or newer – cost $5,800
  3. Volvo C30 08 or newer – cost $7,000
  4. VW Passat Sedan 09 or newer – cost $7,3000
  5. Chrysler 200 Sedan 11 or newer – cost $8,000


Used SUVs you should look at:


  1. Volvo XC90 05 or newer – cost $4,600
  2. Subaru Tribeca 06 or newer – cost $6,000
  3. Honda Element 07-11 – cost $6,700
  4. VW Tiguan 09 or newer – cost $7,900
  5. Dodge Journey 10 or newer – cost $8,700

These used cars will get you around safely and with a decent down payment in Chicago, you might not have to finance them for very long.

Some more factors for used cars in Chicago Illinois

Some other tips to take when buying a used car for your teen are you want to avoid used cars with high horsepower. You don’t want to have a used car that your kids can’t handle.


The bigger and heavier the better this will help with protection if you’re in an auto accident.


Look at used cars with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) this will allow for better control of the used car when the roads are slippery and if you drive rough roads.

The used cars and SUV’s listed above are some of your best cars for safety features for your kid’s first car.