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Lay Offs for the Autonomous Car Starts Monday

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So this is kind of dumb but we all knew it was coming back in November the GM layoffs. There are going to be around 4,000 people without jobs. This is only the start of the 14,000 layoffs that are going to happen over the year.

Gearing up for the self driving car


GM says it wants to stay nimble in the auto industry as it gears towards the self driving car. I believe that GM is just going to have a bad year and auto sales are down for everyone it feels like.


That’s probably because no one wants to spend upwards of $80K for a car that’s insane. I don’t even want to spend $10k on a used car.


The auto industry isn’t looking to bright for anyone. By the way I believe that your at least 15 years out for the self driving car even if you start working on that technology now.


Work on the technology you already have


Look at it this way you can steal more key less entry cars than ever and the automakers haven’t even perfected that technology yet to keep your car safe in a parking lot.


There aren’t enough people that are encouraged to stay in one place to make an automaker great again. It’s sad and the automakers just have to do a better job.


A mass layoff may help your bottom line yes, but it won’t help the technology aspects of your future.