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New Down Payment For Houston Bad Credit Cars

low down paymentsRight now we’re doubling down your down payment as high as $1500 in Houston, Texas and Seattle, Washington or guaranteeing a minimum $3000 on your trade in.  These two cities Houston and Seattle were chosen to test market this program because of their affordability index in the United States. 



Houston is number one on the affordability index for stretching a paycheck and Seattle as number nine is no wonder that you can get a bad credit car loan in Houston because opportune 80 is so great and jobs are plentiful.  Obtaining a guaranteed loan requires you fill out our form and send it in.  Many of the opportunities available today at our affiliate dealers are the results of the government stimulus package.


We have vehicles from as low as $99.00 down and $99.00 a month we also have vehicles for sale for the low price of $4999.  If you have credit problems or just bad luck we can help we’re here to finance your future not dwell on your past.


Houston and Seattle dealers that are participating in this sales event are waiting for you to contact them so they can assist you in getting the car that will mean reliable transportation for you and peace of mind.  We can often help with insurance quotations from affiliates sources so you can get multiple quotes provided you give accurate information regarding your driving history.


Remember in Houston and Seattle you must arrive with insurance in place where you are breaking the law and will be subject to fines and possibly even jail time for not conforming.




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