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Quick Car Loans From Boston Dealers

cheap boston car loansWith utility costs exceeding 41% of the national average in the Boston, Massachusetts metropolitan area is no wonder so many people have had bad luck with their credit. Paying that much more than the national average for heat, water, and electricity it is no wonder that many people were either foreclosed to upon or had a pawn family belongings to just stayed afloat. Well if you need a car to get to work many of our dealers have $99.00 down deals with $99.00 a month payments for bad credit car loans right here in Boston. They do this with the hopes that the lower payments and lower down payment will help people get back on their feet and be able to reestablish their credit.

In many instances immediate approval is available to you right over the Internet, however guaranteed approvals may require you to visit one of our dealers in the Boston area.

If you’ve been turned down with a hard no as a result of our recent bankruptcy and need to get a car to go to work with we can still finance you, you’ll need to show a recent bank statement or pay stub and that you have lived in the same place for 90 days. With utility costs so high in Boston (41% above the national average) it’s no wonder so many Bostonians are taking advantage of these great deals.

A quick car loan is waiting for you at one of our fine Boston dealers, with vehicles as low as $4999 in only requiring $99.00 down, take advantage of this opportunity and click that link now.



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