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Saving Money For a Used Car in Indianapolis Without Going Broke

used car loans in Indianapolis INWouldn’t you love to save up for a car? Lets say you found a used car for $9,000 saving might seem like the end of the world but break it down in to like pieces it’s nothing big.


What we are saying is this if you save $450 a week for 3.5 months you will have enough money to pay cash for that new car.

Saving money for a used car is simple math

Its simple math for any big purchases you will want to budget right, shop smarter, and put away money on a regular basis.


One way you can save without really knowing it is have it automatically come out of your personal account to a rain day account I like to call it. That way you are saving and don’t even really know the money is gone, well not gone but in a place you forgot about that you can always go back to later.

Ways to save money for a used car in Indianapolis

Another way to save money for a used car in Indianapolis is doing what they call a “side hustle” sell stuff on or or open up a shopify store or just a plain Facebook Page will do.


Another idea is to offer your neighborhood tutorial on how to work a smart phone or set up their Netflix account.


There are a ton of ways on that the web is here that has opened doors to making money and saving for a used car.


There are a ton of people that are finding the ways that work best for them to get rolling in a used car or what I like to call a newer car for them.

Buying a car with a low down payment in  Indianapolis

no money down cars in IndianapolisIf your looking for an easy way to get financed for a used car and don’t want to save up to much money or have a little money already? We can help you find a used car dealer in Indianapolis that can get you financed with the down payment money you already have.


Quick Car Loans Now works with credit challenged people all the time to get them behind the wheel of a car they can afford in Indianapolis.



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