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Traffic Laws You Didn’t Know Existed – Knowledge of Road Laws

Traffic laws that actually exist

When you get in a car there are always rules to follow but do people really follow them? No why you that are the law and no one would likes the law. Plus if you have a beater of a car or a low insurance used car you don’t care if it gets dinged or dented a little bit right?


Insurance should cover most of the damages if you have it of course and most people think insurance is too high anyways.


Once you get in a car it gets dangerous, you might think you’re a cautious driver but the law may have other ideas. A car is nothing to play with. Did you know that 25% of drivers break the law once they get on the highway and don’t even know it?


  1. Driving with pets on your lap is a no no. Some states enforce it and some don’t.
  2. One way entrance is one that drivers ignore until its too late and it can disrupt traffic flow in parking lots.
  3. Only use your fog lights when visibility is compromised.
  4. You are supposed to leave three feet of space for bicyclist. But most of the time it’s not enforced.
  5. You need to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Rolling stops as most of us do it illegal.
  6. Don’t do anything beside focus on the road. No hugging or arguing it’s considered to be distracted driving.
  7. Don’t remote start the car. Your not suppose leave your car running unattended. It’s supposed to help save the earth.
  8. Not supposed to drive with a cracked windshield it can put other drivers at risk.
  9. You need to pull over for emergency vehicles and when you’re on the highway you should switch lanes if they are on the side of the road this goes for tow trucks too.
  10. Avoid doing U-turns no matter how cool you think you are your not doing anything cool you’re putting people at risk.


There are a ton of traffic laws for everyone in every state but we don’t follow them as we should there in place for our safety and the safety of others.


Safety in a new or used car should be #1 when you’re on the road. So be safe out there and share the knowledge we now know on the road.