What Not To Say When Your Shopping For New or Used Cars

new car shoppingWhen you’re shopping for a new or used car doesn’t really matter you never want to let the car salesman know some facts about you or when your shopping for new cars.

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With new cars averaging about $33,000 now, you don’t want to be too overjoyed with the car dealership if you want the best deal on a used car.


New car buying, in general, will cost you a bundle plus the buying process isn’t the funniest thing either.


We know that the worst part of buying a car for anyone is negotiating the price for the new or used car at the dealership.


Your wallet is counting on you to give it your best effort for buying the car you want.


The things not to say to a car dealership salesman


To make sure you do this there are a few things you should never say to a car dealer when buying a car regardless of how much you make if you want to get the best deal on a car.


  1. You want to show the car dealer you’re interested but not overly interested. In other words, if you’re not going to get a good deal on the car you want to make sure it’s known you can keep looking at cars.



  1. You never want to disclose your job. Car dealers like to use price discrimination for car a buyer that means that some car dealers will sell a car at different prices depending on how much they can afford to keep the conversation to the point of the cars, not your job. You also might not want to tell them your looking for a cheap down payment car-like $99 off the bat they may give you the down payment but watch for the interest rates.



  1. Don’t tell the car dealership what you’re willing to pay per month for the car. They will just try and confuse you with car loan talk. Usually, you want to talk about monthly payments as soon as you come to an agreement for the new or used car.



  1. Wait until you have closed the car deal on your new car before you talk trade-in. At times car dealers will try and leverage trade-ins to confuse you on the total price of the car your buying. If the dealer continues to ask about it say you haven’t decided on it.



  1. Don’t let the dealers know that you have secured financing beforehand or that you’ll try and pay cash. Now when people buy cars they have to finance them now and dealers bank on the in house financing that they have. But wait to let them know because you can often get a better car deal. More dealers will be willing to offer or give away more with in house financing options.


Buying a car at local used car dealerships


Remember that you want to know what to say to the car dealerships when you shop. Don’t reveal a lot, don’t show emotion on and car and negotiate from the sticker price down. And look at a few used car dealerships if you can be patient. You want to take your time when shopping for new cars.