Buying Used Cars in Indianapolis with Bad Credit – Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots Indianapolis

buy here pay here car lots in IndianapolisIf you’re looking for a ton of options on a used car than you have come to the place to make your car prices right. Because we work with people that are low on cash but want to purchase a car near them.

Right now we can help you find a car dealership near you that can get you financed with a car fast with a subprime credit score of 661-690 at 6% interest and your monthly payments would be around $310 a month.


Now if you can hold out to raise your credit to a 721 you could look at a 72 month auto loan at 3.2% interest and a monthly payment around $295.


Or you could go with a buy here pay here option in Indianapolis and put down on a car what you can afford.


We have been help people for 5 years get the car at the payment range and price range they need. We specialize in helping you get financed for your next vehicle in Indianapolis.


no money down cars indianapolisOnce you apply we will have a car dealership in your area call you with your loan options and let you know what works best with the credit you have.


We know that a lot of people that have bad credit can’t get financed and we want to help! We will work out the best car loan deal we can so you can drive today!


The application is free at and there is no obligation to purchase the vehicle once you are approved. It’s just a simpler way to compare auto loan rates with bad credit.

Let us Worry about bad credit for cars in Indianapolis

We don’t want you to worry about your credit because at that’s our job to work with credit of all kinds and get you driving. Get started today finding your car in Indianapolis.



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