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Can You Buy a Car With a 640 Credit Score in Indianapolis?

how to buy a car with a 640 credit score


Should you ever go for an auto loan in Indianapolis with a 640 credit score? Its honestly a decent credit score but not the best for a car loan. You want to try and get your credit score to at least a 680 to 700.


What kind of car loan rate are you looking at with a 640 credit score in Indianapolis?



A 640 credit score will allow for a 7% to 8% interest rate. You ideally want to try and raise your credit score for the best chance to save money. But if your shopping now for a car in Indianapolis you can always buy one now and maybe in a year or so try and refinance it. You should only refinance a car loan if it makes sense to you. Don’t take out more car loans if you don’t have too.


Depending on the car lot 640 credit scores need to be at least 700. But you can always advise a buy here pay here car lot.


Buy here pay here car lots in Indianapolis look at monthly income more than they do your credit score for a new or used car.


They want to make sure you have a down payment of $500 or more for the car.


But if your look for a new or used car with a 640 credit score you need to really buckle down on saving money or getting your credit score to 700 or higher.


We have a way to help you with buying a car in Indianapolis the following steps can help you find a new or used car near you in Indiana or in the state of Indiana.


What is your credit score consider at 640?


You can have good credit, fair credit, or bad credit and still buy a car most car dealers in Indianapolis will consider a 640 credit score at fair credit.


Need help finding an auto loan with a rate that makes a new or used car feasible for your bottom line?


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