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Best new and used cars to purchase that are reliable and safe

Teens have a high crash rate more than people over the age of 20 or above. The traffic death rate has been rising the last few years and the teen deaths from auto accidents, has been on the rise.

Immaturity can lead to so much when you get behind the wheel such a speeding and other risky habits. Plus you add the experience of driving that can be part of the issue. But you can contribute some of these accidents to the used cars. The teens are driving. They are less crash test worthy.

What parents want for teen cars

teens in cars

As a parent, you want your team to have a reliable and affordable vehicle out there on the road plus one that’s is safe. It is important that inexperienced driver’s such as teens have reliable, safety, features and good protection with emergency handling, and a good braking system.

Some experts say that if you have an inexperienced teen driver that you should be looking to exclude in the new cars, the following sports, cars, and vehicles that have a ton of horsepower. These two things will most likely motivate the team to show off instead of driving safely plus tempting the team to speed.

The size of the car does matter the smaller the car most likely it’s not going to have the protection that your teen may need for a first vehicle. Bigger cars do offer better, crash test, ratings, and more protection. But watch out for a large SUVs or pick up trucks they can be hard to handle for first time driving teens and have increased braking distance. 

Look at moderately sized cars

moderately size the vehicles may be your best bet They have a better balance of crash avoidance and have better crash protection for teens.

When you are looking to purchase a used car, a good choice for a car is between the price range of $6,000 to $14,500. But the best choice for used cars is $7,800 to $20,000 these priced cars offer the best protection for teen driver.

New vehicles can range pricewise between $23,000 to $39,500. These vehicles were selected on a different criteria Such as front crash prevention tests, headlight, efficiency, injury claims, and use of controls.

We can help you finance or find a proper car dealership that is going to have the best new or used cars for your first time driver. We work with a network of car dealers from Los Angeles to Chattanooga Tennessee.

Look at new cars for teens

If you are looking to get a new vehicle that you were going to hand down or keep in the family for years to come, we want you to have the best safety features on the new vehicle that are most available. we want you to have a vehicle that is tested high ratings in all suites of car testing.

Parents cannot control. What is going to happen on the road when their team leaves the driveway. But they can’t have some say and what their teen drives to keep them safe. if you need help finding a car dealership with the best crash, test ratings or the best prices in your local area use the compare tool above for your next vehicle.