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Cities Where Car Prices Are High

The Credit Pros

When it comes to buying used cars these days the price you are offered is going to keep you guessing. With inventory low and regional differences there can be a big difference in price from city to city.

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Car prices are high

Used car prices are skyrocketing and the cost of a car loan went up about 25%. Needless to say, car prices haven’t turned around any. To be honest new car buyers aren’t going after new cars they are looking for used car inventory where ever they can find it. This is all in part of the chip shortage we are seeing and when will it end?  We have come to somewhat of a conclusion that it could be best to shop for a vehicle in another city besides your own.

As of right now, cars are rather expensive all over the United States. Alaska is topping the list with the highest prices for the most popular vehicles. Fairbanks Alaska is one area for the expensive vehicles and another area is also Anchorage Alaska.


The vehicles people want and where

Some other areas where vehicles are expensive are Alpena Michigan they have the highest prices for the Ford Escape. One of the other vehicles that are expensive is the Nissan Rogue and it costs about 33% more in Fairbanks Alaska than it does in San Antonio.

If you’re looking for a Jeep Grand Cherokee you will want to seek one out in Baton Rouge as you can save about $10,000. The most expensive place right now for a Jeep Grand Cherokee is Fairbanks Alaska.

For the loved F-150, you don’t want to be buying one in Montana if you want to find the cheapest deal for a Ford F-150 you want to shop in the state of Ohio for the truck.

Honda Civics are the least expensive in Lincoln or Hastings Nebraska. So if you want a 4-door Civic that’s your place to shop.

Look at major metros near you

If you’re looking for used cars currently and you can find one look around the nearest cities at their used car market or you could look at the closest metro area where used cars are in demand. Car shopping has a kind of turned into a needle-in-haystack approach for what you need.

Certified preowned cars are something to look into if you’re looking to save some money and finance a used car. Depending on the lender they can offer different incentives and rebates.

The recommendation we have

We recommend that you start shopping locally for a vehicle you may want then go out to the next nearest city to see if you can find any better deals on cars open up your radius and you could find a gem.