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Looking at Car Buying? You Might Want to Wait

If you’re looking to get into a truck, SUV, or crossover it’s going to take you a while to get what you want they are the highest-priced vehicles right now. The Inflation in vehicles is crazy right now.

Find a New or Used Car Near You

Find out what the car lots in your area have for you in regards to new and used cars.

Don’t go car buying unless you have to

Most car dealers are saying that unless you need a vehicle don’t buy one it’s more of a need than a want at the moment.

car buying

Used cars are in the highest demand because not a lot of dealerships have new cars on their lots. So if you can wait for a vehicle you are better off waiting than getting into a high price or overpaying for a vehicle you somewhat love.

As of right now, the car deals are few and far between in some areas of the US prices are coming down but no good offers are being talked about for a vehicle and a dealership desperately wants your used car.

Make sure if you are buying a vehicle right now that you have a down payment of $1,000 for the car or 10% of what the vehicle is worth. That’s what car dealers are looking for and since used cars are the game right now you might see no money down cars for a while.

Look at trading in your current vehicle

Look at your current trade-in as a down payment if you have to but only if you have to. Trust us there are people who are always ready to pay more so watch what your local car dealerships may have.

Oh and by the way stay away from leases if you can right now not such a good idea.

Best advice for a new or used car buying

The best advice we can give you in this world of car price inflation is that you want to shop around for pricing and see what used cars your local car lot has available. Don’t be surprised if you see it on the lot one day and it’s gone within four hours.

But there is some good news to share this used car inflation will not last forever. So really if you can wait on purchasing a car we advise you to wait and keep up with local car dealerships that have vehicles available.

If you need help getting connected to a car dealership we have the connection for you with good or bad credit. But remember to shop the car deals if you have the chance to and really it’s time to shop on price alone.