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Need A New Car? Be Careful

You want to buy a car from a reputable local car dealership but you also want to know what you’re purchasing inside and out. A lot of car lots will tell you that the preowned vehicle has been through a 360 inspection which just means their “dealership” inspection is all.

If you buy used cars because new cars are just priced too high knowing what kind of state the used car is in is going to be helpful. You don’t want to be going back and forth to the car dealership.

Buying Local Cars

Shop new and used cars in your local area. Research and compare cars plus find local car dealers that have affordable car payments for you.

Have the used car inspected by a trusted mechanic

No car buyer wants to take their used car to multiple car dealerships to have it inspected for repair all the time. You want to buy a good-condition used car if you can and make sure all the paperwork is with it too.

When buying a used car no matter what I don’t care who your talking to the extended warranty is never a good idea to purchase it’s just one of the multiple ways the car dealership can make money on the used car purchase. Really, I don’t care if you buying a used car in New York or if you’re buying a used car with low money down auto financing in Los Angeles don’t touch an extended warranty. Extended warranties for used cars are worded for the car dealership, not you.

You don’t always have to trust the warranty

used cars

Most car problems aren’t going to be covered by the warranty you have like rim and tire protection yeah might be great when your leave the car lot and think cool my tires are able to be replaced. Not exactly, if you wait four years to go to the dealership they sold you a two-year package and told you it was a great deal for the price but never told you how long it lasted.

I know this one can be hard but make sure that the used car was inspected by someone you know is certified and trusted. Sometimes these car dealerships have 6-month new technicians that don’t always know what they are looking at and pass the car anyways. So if you have a local mechanic you can take the car too before you buy to do so.

Don’t fall into the dealership sales pitch

What I am trying to say is don’t fall for the car dealership saying all the red rosy talk to you so that you feel good buying a used car that has been carefully looked at. Yes, I know people make mistakes but get a second opinion on any used car you buy no matter where you buy it. You buy a used car, so really all dealers are saying to you with the “sales” talk is bought beware and we sell glitter to go with the car to make it look nice.

If you are in need of auto financing for a used car in your local area we may have the car dealership connection to help you get a good auto loan rate and drive today.

Work With Local Dealers

Shop new and used cars in your local area. Research and compare cars plus find local car dealers that have affordable car payments for you.