Buying A Car Off Craigslist in Atlanta

cars off craigslist in atlantaYour searching craigslist for cars because you want to find a deal there is no shame in doing that you can look all you want there are thousands of people that look for cars in Atlanta on Craigslist, you want to know why because usually you can find a deal or two. Or what car salesmen call a diamond in the rough.


Diamond in the rough cars don’t come around too often so when they do you have to jump on them. If you can’t find a deal on a low mile, low interest car the backup plan is usually to use craigslist and see if you can beat the owner down to a reasonable price.


But buying a car in Atlanta with bad credit off craigslist is hit or miss you never really know what you’re going to walk into, sometimes you can walk into a beater of a car and other times you can find the diamond with low miles and someone that wants to use get rid of the car so everything is in your favor.


The problem with buying a car off craigslist is that it won’t help your credit score because most of the transactions have to be done in cash. So that is why its recommended to use Craigslist only when your in a pinch for a car or if you have some good cash flow because it won’t really help you credit wise to buy a car.


Some people look at craigslist all the time for cars, maybe for parts or just a car to get buy for a few months whatever your reason is just be smart about the car decisions you make when buying a car off craigslist in Atlanta. You should look at your insurance policy to make sure that everything will turn out in the positive.



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