Road To Good Credit in Houston To Buy A Car

good credit car loans houstonDid you know that 1 in 2 people in Houston run the shot of being declined for credit for a car loan? That’s amazing when you think about it, no one wants to be declined for a car loan but boosting your credit score in Houston might help.


31% of women will be more likely declined for credit approve than men. 54% of men that apply for car loans will be approved for a car loan in Houston. 


The age of the person applying for the loan has a lot to do with approval believe it or not. From the age of 18-24 82% are declined. Ages 35-44 55% are approved for a car loan in Houston.


If you are self employed you are at a higher risk of being approved for a car loan because you may have a hard time proving a stable income for periods of time. Monthly income is big when you are buying a car in Houston.


39% of non homeowners are in risk of being deny a car loan or any other kind of credit. You are not a lone when it comes to being approved for a car loan, 1-3 full time workers are declined approval for credit for a car loan in Houston. But we are here to help you get back your good credit in Houston.



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