10 Cities With The Highest Credit Scores

car loansHigh credit scores say a lot about you like if the area you live in the job market is high or if the pay rate is good. When you pay your bills that means you have money and you have to have money to pay your bills.


Here are the cities with the highest credit scores. The average credit score across the country is 673. Not to bad if you want to purchase a vehicle. You may want to add a few points on that credit score to get a real nice car. But it’s doable at a 673 credit score.


  • Madison Wisconsin – 702 credit score
  • Fargo North Dakota – 703 credit score
  • La Crosse Wisconsin – 703 credit score
  • Sioux Falls South Dakota – 703 credit score
  • Duluth Minnesota – 703 credit score
  • Wausau Wisconsin – 704 credit score
  • Green Bay Wisconsin – 704 credit score
  • Minneapolis – 707 credit score
  • Rochester Minnesota – 708 credit score
  • Mankato Minnesota – 708 credit score


There are the 10 highest credit score cities and you get the cash you need for a car or a house. Check out the cities with the lowest credit scores. If live in one of those cities you can still get an auto loan from us. Apply Today!



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