Car Loan Rates in Atlanta That Will Make You Smile

It is our jobs to put a smile on your face when you buy a car, not to many bad credit auto finance people in Atlanta know how to make a customer happy with a low car loan rate in Atlanta. Some finance mangers just want to get you in a car for a quick sale.


With the help of the internet did you know that it has cut down the amount of car dealers that have tried to up sale a car over the years. People are getting smarter on how to buy cars with bad credit online in Atlanta.


Not too many car buyers know that they can use the internet to their advantage and pick up a used car in Atlanta for cheap. Our job is to help you get the best financing possible to get you back on the road driving. Now you don’t need a car with all the bells and whistles when you are trying to build up your credit.


2.99% is good for a car loan rate in Atlanta but getting approved for that is where we come in and set you up with the best possible solution to make affording a car happen.  A few things you may want to know are:


  • You have to hold a job
  • Make about $1500
  • Pay your bills on time




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