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Cash For Used Cars in San Jose California and How To Find Them

cash for used cars in San Jose

Some people in San Jose California look for cash for used cars. This also means that if you’re looking for a used car you might want to look at buy here pay here car lots.

When you want cash for a used car in San Jose CA to look at buy here pay here car lots


Most buy here pay here car dealers have cash for used cars and they are reasonable. The biggest thing you have to worry about is the down payment that used car dealers want for a preowned vehicle.

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When you’re looking at used cars in San Jose make sure that you stick to the used cars your interested in. Some car dealers will try and shift you to a used car that’s more profitable for them as a salesman.


Have a budget for a used car and stick to it, yes it’s okay to have a down payment of $500 for a used car but make sure you can afford it.


Often car dealers will point to other things than the price and to a car buyer in San Jose that is most of the time the most important key.


Most car buyers make the mistake of overspending. Know the total price of the car, not just the monthly payment which most car dealers want you to focus on when buying any car.


Remember this yes a longer loan term means smaller payments but you will be paying more in interest and that’s not good for you as a car buyer. Shorter loan terms and down payments work the best.


So ideally no money down car loans in San Jose aren’t always worth it if you honestly don’t have the budget for it.


How car dealers lower the price for a car loan in San Jose California


The most car dealer will say they are going to lower the car price but in reality, they actually just extend the car loan out two to three more years. Ideally, you want a used car loan in San Jose for about three to four years.


When finalizing the auto financing the car dealer will ask if you want any additional add ons and this is just to pad the salesman’s pocket most of the time and it’s okay to say no because 9/10 times you really don’t need it.