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Should You Have More Than One Car Loan in San Jose California

car loans in San Jose CASo a question we see often when you get approved for a car loan in San Jose California is:


How many car loans can you get qualified for? Really this is a question depending on how many cars you ideally need most households may have two or three. Maybe just two so that’s something you will want to discuss with the person your buying the car for.


Affording a car loan in San Jose California


Another way to look at it is how many cars can you afford? You want to buy a new or used car in San Jose California only if you can afford it.


But to answer your question you can have as many car loans as you can qualify for, meaning as long as you can sustain the car payments and have the credit score you should be fine.


Most people like to max out at two cars if they can, new cars are pricey and used cars are the go-to now but they can be pricey too.


Income dictates your car loan in San Jose California


Your income will dictate the cars you can buy because you have to remember to shop for a used car in San Jose on budget. You want to keep yourself afloat and not just be paying car loan after car loan.


One other thing to stay wise too is that cars, in general, aren’t a good investment so you don’t want to overspend. There are tons of used cars under $5,000 in the San Jose area you just have to find a good car dealership to work with is all.


If you’re struggling to find a decent car dealer near you in San Jose California? We can help connect you with the financing you need for a pre-owned vehicle with an affordable bottom line.


As a car buyer, you don’t want to be on more than one car loan if you can help it. With the way financing is now, one person can ideally afford one car loan.

You can even call us to apply for auto financing in San Jose California.