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Why You Need To Get Your Budget Down for a Used Car in Seattle Washington

budgeting for a used car in Seattle WA

To buy a car new or used you need to have firm grip on budgeting and if you don’t it can be an up hill battle for you when you go to purchase anything.


Want to budget so you can afford a car in Seattle WA


Like when you go to purchase a car in Seattle the price or car loan you get on the car shouldn’t go anything over 10% of your monthly budget.


Now that leaves a lot of room for a used car for most people but when a new car is $45,000 it can be a mess if you don’t have up for a down payment. A down payment for a new car at most car dealerships at $45k is going to be $4,500 or close to it.

That’s a lot of saving for anyone right now. That’s why most car buyers in Seattle look for no money down car payments when signing for a car or a used car.


Yes we know what you’re probably thinking a used car? A used car might be from the 80’s but no a used car is now from 2013 you can get a nice used 2013 KIA forte at a decent price if you know what your looking for before you go to the car lot in Seattle.


See part of the problem that most car buyers have is they don’t do much homework because of time and they don’t have much of a budget to start looking at cars with a down payment that will make their monthly car payment easier.


See what the car dealerships can offer you in Seattle WA


shopping cars with bad credit in Seattle WA


No what happens is that you see no money down offer for a car in Seattle and you jump over to the car dealership? But did you know if you put away $25 a week you will have $100 in a month and most of the time car buying takes 90-120 days to figure out what you want and start talking the car dealers down.


What you want is to see what kind of used cars the dealership near you in Seattle has for under 10K and work down the price either with negotiating, trade in or down payment.


Don’t ever give sticker price for a used car the car dealership has room to wiggle so make them. But you want to make sure you know your budget and where to say NO! Its part of budgeting and a $25 a week is a good starting spot.


Connect with a car dealership that can offer you the financing you need and see if they will go down with the 0 down car payment.