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Avoiding Common Car Repair in Detroit

Car repairs in Detroit MichiganNot replacing old or dirty spark plugs can cause ignition coil, catalytic converter, and engine problems. To repair spark plugins in a car is inexpensive.


There are hundreds of possible problem that the “check engine” light may indicate. Most technicians use a computer to see what is causing the light to turn on. 26% of the time the light will just indicate a loose gas cap.

Car repair tips in Detroit Michigan

Every 3,000 to 6,000 miles you should have your oil changed with conventional oil.  8,000 to 10,000 its recommended that you change your oil with synthetic. Serious engine problems can occur when you neglect to change the oil in your new car in Detroit.


You don’t want to neglect tire care 3% fuel economy improvement when you keep your tire properly inflated. Every 5,000 miles you should rotate your tires for the best performance. Worn out tires and improperly inflated tire are more likely to go flat or be blown out.


When you avoid brake work, tens of thousands is how long brakes should last. Neglecting brake work increases the stopping distance and the risk of your brakes failing. Replace your brake pads and rotors to save money and to continue driving safely.