Tips For Saving On Gas The Next Time You Fill Up

save on gas for a used car

Hey if you have a new or used car this doesn’t matter but we can all use less gas. It would be awesome not to have to show up at the pumps to often. I have some tips for saving you on gas.


Tips for saving gas with your current or new car


The don’ts you want to consider that contribute to all low MPG’s you don’t want to do the following:


  • You don’t want to lose the fuel cap
  • Hot sun contributes to low MPG’s
  • High octane fuel plays a big factor in your gas
  • Not have proper inflated tires can be a factor too


The following will help you increase your new or used car at the gas pump.


  • Don’t top it off. The extra gas is just going to seep out. So don’t waste your money on gas your never going to use
  • You will want to check your tire pressure. You want to make sure your tires are at the pressure the owners manual says they need to be once a month
  • Replace the air filters. When the filters are dirty it makes the engine work harder and can make the car less fuel efficient
  • You will want to use the right oil. Using the right oil you can increase your gas mileage by 1-2%
  • You want to seek the shade. Parking your car in the shade can help keep gas in your gas tank. When your car is in the heat all day the fuel will evaporate


Now that you know some of these tips you can now drive a little better. Maybe it will also help you be more aware of purchasing your next used car with these tips.


Help financing a gas saving used car


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