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Why You Should Drink Coffee Before you Drive

Coffee for driversNow that the winter weather is coming for most of us, you’re lucky if you live in Florida or Texas. But for the rest of us that might need a boost in the morning to drive to work.

Why drink coffee in the morning before you drive


Coffee before you drive a carIt’s not all bad to drink a cup of coffee or eat a banana before you leave for work in the morning. We know for the slower day during the week you might need some sort of boost for the drive.


Staying hydrated when you drive is also a good thing to maybe a bottle of Gatorade or Orange Juice can help.


You want to be able to stay alert on the road and having a drink in the morning of coffee can brighten your day and hey it can even cut down on possible road rage.


Yes road rage is a real thing and there are a ton of people out on the road that it happens to daily. So maybe a cup of coffee will help make the drive into work a more peaceful one for you and your fellow drivers.


Coffee is good for morning drivers


Coffee when your driving isn’t all that bad its better than looking down at your phone every 3 minutes.


So take it easy on the road this winter season and grab yourself a cup of coffee and drive.


It’s also proven that people that stay hydrated are better drivers because they are more alert and able to make quick decisions.


So if you are having a slow morning orange juice or coffee might be the kick you need to be a good driver and make it to work safely,

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